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History of "Vesta"

Goddess of hearth, home and family

The hearth fire in the home of the ancient Romans was not only essential for cooking food and heating water, but also served as the gathering place for the family and, in time, became associated with the spirit of that particular family gathered around that particular hearth. The Latin word for `hearth' is focus which, of course, is used in English to designate a center or activity of interest. The hearth in Rome was most certainly such a centre of activity and the fire which burned there was most important.

When one left home on a business trip, or even on vacation, one carried some of the hearth fire along in order to keep one’s home close even when away. Further, the difficulty of making or transporting fire made the constantly-burning hearth a vital element in the home as well as state buildings.

Vesta, therefore, was a goddess revered in every strata of Roman society as she was thought to literally "keep the home fires burning" from the most modest apartment to the grandest villa.

                                                                   Joshua J. Mark

                             Ancient History Encyclopaedia - Vesta

In Africa, music serves the purpose that fire did in ancient Rome. 

We perform and create music that keeps one connected to his home, wherever he may go. This music would keep him warm, safe and focused. 

And so we thought the name "Vesta Orchestra" quite suited us; as music is the burning flame, which keeps us all connected in its warmth.

Rosalyn Aninyei - Founder Vesta Orchestra